My Journey

I wasn’t always on a path to optimal health. It started out as a necessity when my health quickly declined after becoming a mother of two kids and having no time for myself. I started gaining weight and becoming incredibly tired every day.

“Was I supposed to be this tired at my age? ”

Making it to the gym was a battle for me. I always had to fight the bigger desire to go home. And sleep, I just couldn’t get enough of it! I was always tired and not wanting to go out of the house. Then I started to lose my temper and have more mood swings.

In the meanwhile my daughter started having severe stomach aches. We went through the normal channels, lots of doctor visits, lots of tests but doctors could not figure out what was going wrong. When I asked “why is this happening” the doctors shrugged his shoulder and replied “not sure”.

Now that was a big red flag! Clearly, something had to change. I was starting to feel more and more helpless and hopeless. I dug deep for answers. It was a long journey. After just a few months of studying nutrition and applying what I learned, my daughter’s health started to improve.

On the other hand I started to feel more alive and clear headed. I no longer felt the severe energy dips during the day or those mood swings. I also noticed many of my PMS symptoms started to go away. I was shocked at how much impact food could have on our bodies and wellbeing.

Soon I went on to earn my Nutrition Consultant certification and knew that I had found my life’s work: to help others discover and incorporate good nutrition into their lives. I am thrilled to pass on my knowledge, experience, and guidance to those seeking answers about how to be fully alive and energized every day.


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