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Improve your health by supporting your unique body and metabolism as it has the ability to heal by itself.

FREE 20-Minute Phone Consultation: This is your first step to improve your health. Schedule a 20-minute phone consultation with Nidhi, with absolutely no risks or obligations. Did we mention it’s FREE!

Jump Start Plan:

Initial consult with 1 follow-up session: $175

Your first consultation will take approximately 1 hour and involves: a review of your health and medical history, and exercise and lifestyle habits.  If you already have a good foundation and you are just looking for one-on-one consulting to reach a simple goal then this package is for you. It’s a month of learning, gathering resources, and tweaking your current food choices that will support your lifestyle in nutrition.


Therapeutic Plan:

Initial consult with 4 follow-up session: $375

                                    This Plan includes the Initial Consult which will take approximately 1 hr  and it also include 4 follow up visits extends over a 3 month time period.  If you are looking for a lifestyle change then this Plan is for you. You will be given tailored nutrition advice and a nutrition program based on your lifestyle, nutrition requirements and goals. These regularly scheduled sessions will give you maximum benefit as they will support you and help you stick with your goals. While a great deal can be learned in the initial consult, most people achieve success in attaining their goals through regular commitment.

Maintenance Sessions/Review Consultation-Follow up sessions (45 min to 1 hr.): $60 each.

                                       Your review consultations are an ongoing review of your progress and how you went with implementing the agreed goal and strategies. It will involve an analysis of your food diary and furthering your tailored nutrition advice including specific therapeutic foods.


Pantry Makeover (90 min.): $75

Do you ever wish someone could just transform your kitchen for you to support the healthy lifestyle you crave? Just call me! I will walk through your kitchen with you, identifying the products that are holding you back from feeling your best and create a list of healthy alternatives.

Learn what to keep, toss, and swap out.


Grocery Store Shopping Trip (60 min.): $60

Learn what that label really means, how to avoid buying your favorite processed snack foods, which items you can save money on, and much more. Let me help you navigate the aisles of your local supermarket and teach you which products to avoid and which to load your cart with, how to interpret a nutrition facts label, and how to spot common marketing ploys.


Nutrient Analysis $155: 

Provide a 5 day detailed food log and in return I will show you the breakdown of what you are eating.  This includes a detailed  nutrient summary emailed to you along with a 45 minute follow up session to go over results and to discuss the best changes to be made for you.


Corporate Engagements: 

Does your team want nutrition information? Do you want to see less employees calling in sick? Nutrition and Fitness are hot topics that everyone is interested in. Private consultations are available at worksite. Call (518)892-6095 for more information.


Complimentary Session:

For a FREE 20 minute phone call to ask about nutrition consulting call (518)-892-6095 or email today at

In this free 20-minute consultation, we will discuss your health needs and how my work can benefit you.

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